A modern-day mystic, philosopher, and lover of life, devoted to helping individuals gain deeper spiritual clarity.

My mission is to provides mentorship, guidance and training world wide, to help individuals become more authentic and congruent with their life purpose.

I believe that each of us are on our own individual spiritual paths, with the individual journey along that path being more important than any specific destination, belief, or religious doctrine.

During my academic years, a failed personal relationship drove me to pursue a path seeking my own personal development.  While meditating at the top of the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii, I received what I believe to be divine guidance and a deep mystical awakening experience that I have continued to harness and refine. 

My adult career started in the military, then I enjoyed a successful two-decade career in corporate America in Silicon Valley, California.

Now, after leaving corporate world, I have devoted my life to sharing the secrets that I have discovered, along with the inspirational thoughts and divine downloads that have led me to a life of self-mastery and transformation.

Today, through private mentoring, private group sessions, and online courses, I teach the art and science to help you attract and manifest you true needs and desires. 

We do this work through a process of breaking through the energy ceilings, barriers and blockages.  Then re-build your life consistent with your highest vision and purpose for your life.

As Founder and CEO of The Zouddha Foundation, I lead a team of amazing individuals on a mission to reach out and transform others who may be hurting or suffering.  Our goal is to expand these teachings globally, creating an extraordinary value and impact on people's lives, allowing all to enjoy material and spiritual abundance.


Buddha's Enlightenment came from this 5,000 year old Meditation Technique. 
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Breakthrough that Ceiling

Unleash Ascension in Your Life

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Elite Mentoring


He has created massive success in both the material and the spiritual realm, and not by talking or teaching, but by applying, living & implementing his own philosophy by working in the mainstream REAL WORLD.  An he believes you can too.

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Inner Circle Membership

Where the global community meets, shares, connects and experiences ascension through weekly new teachings by Nirmann and his select group of coaches.
Currently streaming 112 techniques of Meditation from the sacred 5,000 year old manuscript - the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

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The Zouddha Manuscripts

The Birth of a New Being


Zouddha Manuscripts divulge secrets to leading a totally new way of life - a life that is abundant both in material & spiritual realms.  The teachings of Zouddha focus on keys to the real world where you can gain complete inner and outer freedom while still living & enjoying life within the mainstream world.  Zouddha believes in living in the world but not becoming of it.

The book reveals the seven most important realms of live and the secret teachings of Zouddha to help discover the purpose of our soul and eventually to give ourselves a new birth to create meaning & fulfillment in our life resulting in deep inner peace, silence, love and true bliss.

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