Zouddha philosophy is the manifestation of Nirmann's life experiences, learnings, spiritual exposures, encounters with remarkable human beings, and mystical downloads.

It’s about Freedom
Freedom from living a stoic robotic life, not believing in your dreams, ideas, or trusting yourself.
Freedom from leading a mundane, routine & mediocre conventional life.
And Freedom to Be, Do and Have anything and everything you intensely desire.

It's about Prioritizing…  yourself as primary, advancing in your personal growth, and reclaiming your life… the life you always dreamt & desired.

It's about Transformation of your life using the right tools, methods & strategies, the right mentor, and the right support system… engaging actively, passionately, and fully.

It's about a Paradigm Shift … Not just a change, not merely an improvement of the same old past... But a dramatic transformation, to create a NEW life that is lived on your terms and based on your intense longings and soul yearnings.

Be ready to Experience Zouddha through Nirmann's spiritual & scientific progression and applying scientific & mystical Universal Laws to create a dream life/ lifestyle that you deeply desire!

Nirmann is an urban & modern-day mystic, a skilled speaker, mentor, thinker, visionary, and lover of life, who has been inspired by life itself as well as from the works of several writers, philosophers, poets & spiritual masters including Carl Jung, Werner Erhard, Inayat Khan, Acharya Rajneesh, Napoleon Hill, and Allama Iqbal, to name a few.
He started his career by serving in the military and then after a very successful corporate America career spanning over two decades in the Silicon Valley, USA, Nirmann has now devoted his life to sharing his success secrets, inspirations, and esoteric downloads of self-mastery and life transformation across the globe.

Leading a family life with his wife & kids in the USA, he walks on a modernistic material & spiritual path with an interest in art & technology, and breathes the attitude of “Follow the flow and feel”. He enjoys coffee, dressing up comfortably in style, and is a self-proclaimed foody with a special love & affinity for Indian cuisine.

During his academic years, a failed relationship drove him to pursue the path of personal development and create a life on the concept of “Zorba the Buddha”.  And many years ago while meditating at the top of Haleakala Volcano in Hawaii, he received divine guidance and a deeply mystical awakening experience that he has continued to harness to develop a series of life-changing courses where he teaches a new way of living to create both the material & spiritual abundance at the same time (and not just 'lifing through life').  He teaches the art & science of attracting and manifesting your true needs & desires by breaking through the energy ceiling, barriers & blockages. Considering his own life as his primary mentor, he has visualized “Zouddha” as a global community of individuals seeking both Spiritual & Material Abundance through personal transformation.

During his corporate career in San Francisco, he applied these same philosophies to alter his own life. He has trained many corporate executives, millionaires, struggling job seekers, entrepreneurs, artists, or everyday individuals and shared his unique insights, spiritual experiences, and mystical teachings to empower transformation. He has published his spiritual revelations, discoveries, and findings in the book “The Zouddha Manuscripts - Birth of a New Being”.

After leading various global teams and fortune 100 businesses all around the world with phenomenal results in his career, he’s now making all his success secrets accessible to you through his First-of-Its-Kind Workshop - "Reboot 21 - Attract & Manifest a Life you Desire".

Zouddha is a global community of amazing individuals whose mission is to transform their own life first and having achieved extraordinary results through their own transformation, to then reach out to other people that may be hurting or looking to transform their lives and help them achieve similar results.
Our vision is to expand Zouddha teachings globally and create extraordinary value & impact in people's lives and thereby create a close-knit global community of extraordinary individuals committed to celebrating transformation and creating both material & spiritual abundance in their lives and willing to network, connect, support, and empower each other in a safe space ...
Because Love Matters! 

It's not a coincidence that you are here! You attracted this opportunity because this is exactly how the Law of Attraction works. Your intense pain, feelings, and desires are heard, and just at the right time, existence sends you the right person, the right circumstances, and the right event to manifest your dreams!

In this workshop, you will learn the universal laws, receive scientific tools,  strategies, and methods to transform yourself and your life across multiple life dimensions, create a zone of alchemy within and elevate your vibrations to a level where things begin to fall in place and you begin to attract & manifest things like magic.
You will be guided LIVE by Nirmann himself each and every single day of the 21-day challenge and you will do the work by applying multiple scientific tools, methods, strategies, and concepts. Say yes to the call, do not delay your transformation anymore, and put an end to your pain.  Pain time is over and it's time to reclaim your life and resurrect the true, original, PURE YOU!
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