Attract and Manifest the Life You Desire


Learn what you have been missing in filling that gap between where you are now, and your desired life.


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The Transformation

A 7-week LIVE program to help you implement the step-by-step process.

Group Coaching weekly throughout the program to answer your questions

PLUS:  Taking action during the program to help get the life that you desire.

It starts with self-awareness.

Whether you have a regular meditation practice or not. The first step you take toward living a life that you desire is to get crystal clear on what you specifically want.

This is more than just Law of Attraction

This applies the Law of Attraction along with new insights into the Laws of Vibration and Manifestation to help you bring your desired life into your present circumstance.

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The whole program includes

  • 7 weeks implementation program (yes this is where you get to implement the theory)
  • 35 Training Videos and Audios that you can watch at your leisure and pace inside your private membership portal (lifelong access)
  • 7 LIVE trainings with Nirmann - one each week to teach new topic.
  • 5 Meditations
  • 3 Neuroscience based Audio Music files to heal and reprogram the old mental program
  • Our flagship Ascend Meditation tool called Zarya and its training videos and training PDF
  • Special Bonus Opportunity – “Live One-on-One strategy session with Nirmann” (Limited to the first 30 buyers only).  THIS WILL GO AWAY VERY FAST.  If you are seeing this, you still have a chance to get this priceless bonus opportunity for free.
  • Additional Support - 14 LIVE Office hours with assigned coaches. Twice, LIVE every week
  • Small Study groups for helping each other with daily assignments throughout the course
  • 2 Bonus LIVE Events (Surprise!) that you will LOVE! 
  • All Access pass to “The Vault” with all the past live event recordings for your binge-watching pleasure.
  • Downloadable – Goal card, Affirmations for abundance, Gratitude prayer, List of recommended books for your library 
  • Graduation certificate
  • Current Life Index – Self diagnostic tool
  • And a whole lot more that will be yours to keep as your own personal content for life time access or download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a replay of the course materials?    Yes you will have your own private access to your personal web portal where all the content will be available for you to watch at your time and pace.  And yes, you can rewind, skip, binge watch the content as per your preference. 

Will the course material expire after a certain time?    No you get to own all the content. This is a lifetime access that does not ever expire. You can also download it all if you wish.  All the videos, audios, tools and bonuses etc. are for you to keep. We want to make sure you can use and reuse the materials for as many times as you need to.

Is there a refund policy?     Yes. This comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee from the day the course begins. No questions asked. Simply email us at [email protected] anytime on or before 30 days and your entire investment will be refunded.

I am new to the Law of Attraction, will I still be able to manifest?    Yes, the course is structured in a way that no matter whether you have never even heard of the Law of attraction or meditated ever before, you will get full power of the course teachings.

I want to make more money. Is that something this course can help with?    Absolutely. You can manifest anything that you intensely desire and focus on.  As long as it’s a burning desire, you will be able to manifest all the money you want to.  There is no limit to what you can attract & manifest. If your mind can think it, you can manifest it using the tools and technology we provide you with.

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