Inner Revolution - The REAL Work!

meditation Feb 20, 2021

What's inner revolution? To talk about inner revolution, first I'll need to briefly talk about the word revolution. However, I don't think it needs much elaboration today. With so much news on what's happening in the world in so many countries today. All the recent uprisings, the revolutions for freedom in so many nations - it's incredible.

You see what's happening in the world today is unprecedented in the history of humankind. A new chapter in human evolution is being written right as we speak.  We are witnessing this collective revolution for freedom by millions of human beings. It's an amazing phenomenon. But not surprising. This urge for freedom is a very innate, a very primal need, the need of every man and woman. That feeling is not new. What's new though, is this collective, mass scale energy, the strong urge for freedom sweeping the world. It seems we, as humans have reached a tipping point of patience. That's what's amazing.

Yes, freedom is the need; the most basic and primal need inside all of us that pushes us to even put our lives at stake. Freedom! And yet we are not there. We can free ourselves from the outside barriers to freedom, the rulers and dictators.

But what when you get it? Is that it? Once you get there, you realize you are still not free. Happiness is still eluding you. In fact, you're far from true freedom. Those millions of people who live in countries where there are no dictators, no monarchies, will tell you this - people are not free. And there is always, always, that restlessness, that search… something is missing, that something is missing and it's hard to put your finger on it. People are aware of restlessness, but are unable to find answers. And some of them have all kinds of freedom. They are financially free. They have good health, good jobs, profitable businesses, but still suffering. Why? Because we have not understood true freedom. The ultimate freedom and that is the freedom from ourselves!

We are still slaves of our own thoughts, beliefs, dogmas and our own mental conditionings.  We are deeply chained in the clutches of our own thoughts and emotions. Have you felt that? Have you had the maddening feeling when your thoughts and your mind goes crazy and you feel you'll go mad? And you desperately want to get rid of that chatter, that cacophony, that chaos inside your own being. But you're unable to get free from it. It's always there - lurking somewhere deep inside you. Setting yourself free is the less freedom. Freedom from your own self, freedom from your own demons inside of you.  And what do we do? We live our lives, day after day, after day, as if sleepwalking, sleepwalking through life as if living in a trance. Just lifing through life in a self hypnotic trance… going on with life.. just lifing… allowing this conquest without any idea where we're going? But we're just going. Day after day after day sleepwalking through life, stuck with the daily transactional stuff, changed by the tactical, the mundane of life, drowning under the weight of beliefs and conditionings imposed upon us by the outside, by the society, by the people around us - our preachers, leaders, the media, the philosophies, the religious doctrines and morals. Where is the true freedom? The inner freedom? Where is the real you? Where is the true yourself - Untainted and untouched by the borrowed beliefs and imposed doctrines. Can you shake yourself off that slumber that trance? That is the last freedom. Beyond all the money, all the world is success. That is the true freedom. And to get on the journey to embark upon that journey is inner revolution. I invite you to gather the courage to step on a journey, a journey of inner revolution.