Zouddha - Birth of a New Being

Feb 27, 2021

What’s new man? New man is one who is in the world but not of the world. One who is free from the chains we talked about earlier. New man essentially means giving yourself a new birth, a rebirth. You get rid of the past. The past beliefs, the conditionings taught to you by the world. All the borrowed beliefs and principles and the morals and the dogmas and the doctrines about this world and the beyond. You get rid of all that you have been taught. And you set on your own inner journey of finding the truth. A journey of self-discovery where you discard all that, which is not yours, all that, which is borrowed or taught to you. And you find your own true meaning. That is the new man. Mind you, you're not running away from either this world or from your family or giving up your job. But what you are essentially doing is you are transforming yourself such that the world, the outer world remains the same. All people around you remain the same. They are as they are. But you - you are not the same. You're not the person they knew. You have transformed. You are new. You are in the world, but not of it. You'll say no to hurt and suffering. You'll say no to any kind of slavery. You'll be free of the chains that bound you. You will be the new man and the new woman - One who is in the world, but not of it.

Think about it like a lotus flower. Have you ever seen a lotus flower? It's born and lives inside a dirty pond but remains untouched by the dirt around it. It rises above its surroundings and flowers in its own beauty. Untouched, celebrating its own fragrance. That is the new man and the new woman. Someone who can discover, realize and flower in his true face - the original face, and celebrate life. Touch and experience life in it's true pure beauty where you carve out your own path, dictated not by anyone else. Not by people outside, not by the norms of the society around you, but inspired from inside of your true inner self and created by your original seed. That is the new man. That is the zoudda.