Programs to work with Nirmann

Meditation 101

This Video Course is created to get you started on the Inner journey of self-realization. No earlier knowledge or experience of meditation is needed and this course comes loaded with several lessons to first teach you all you need to know about meditation. It includes one of the most effective meditation techniques known to the modern world which is very powerful and yet very simple. Anybody can do it.

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Inner Circle Membership

Where the global community meets, shares, connects and experiences ascension through weekly new teachings by Nirmann and his select group of coaches.
Currently streaming 112 techniques of Meditation from the sacred 5,000 year old manuscript - the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

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Elite Mentoring
with Nirmann

He has created massive success in both the material and the spiritual realm, and not by talking or teaching, but by applying, living & implementing his own philosophy by working in the mainstream REAL WORLD.  An he believes you can too.

Elite Mentoring is by invitation only.  To apply, click on the button below.

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Spiritual Counseling with Kristie

Freedom, lightness and joy for your Mind and Being.  This session is 30 min long. Did you know just silently listening to somebody is a very potent form of healing? When you just really listen to someone without any judgment, prejudice or trying to give advice, you are helping dissolve the pain already.  This sharing is the most sacred service once can offer to a hurting heart.  And that is what Z Buddy counseling is – a session of true energetic connection of silent listening and sharing.  During the session, Kristie leads the conversation with you through a short set of questions aimed at discovering the root issue and bringing more & more clarity and awareness about the problem.

Fees:  $45 / 30 min. -  English  -  Via Phone / ZOOM

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Zouddha Reiki Healing

“We are all interconnected.  Everything - trees, birds, clouds, rivers, ocean, humans, animals, fishes etc. etc.  We are made up of the same source energy. This same energy that vibrates in everything else we see around us, is the energy we are made up of. Reiki channels this energy through the healer and onto the one being healed.  The role of a healer is immense, but not personal.  The healer through the science of Reiki become a channel and a connector between the source energy and the receiver.  And what is amazing is that the energy does not need to be told or directed where to go; it travels to the very area that needs to be healed.” - Nirmann 

Suresh is a Reiki Master, a Reiki teacher, and practitioner of the traditional Usui Reiki lineage.  He offers healing sessions through zoom or skype.

Fees:  $45 / 30 min.  -  English  -  Via ZOOM or Skype

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