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  • LIVE and interactive Training sessions with Nirmann via Zoom.
  • The full suite of proprietary Zouddha training toolkit to "Attract & Manifest a Life you Desire".
  • 3 Modules - 7 Days each (new training content each day), and a total of 21 Days of deep immersion into a life-transforming journey.
  • iPlay - A New Life Strategy and Vision template, and 7-day slay checklist to help design & implement your NEW life model.
  • iOPS - A tool to rewrite your new life operating system. 
  • The Zone of Alchemy (ZoA) Meditation – this is a guided meditation in Nirmann’s voice.
  • My New Life MP3s – these 3 MP3 series is magical to help you create NEW LIFE neuropaths in your brain.
  • The “Mediplaction” system – the core 3 pronged strategy that nirmann used to create his success. 
  • Live Q&A sessions with our highly trained expert coaches where you can ask all your questions and get any support you may need about the coursework.
  • As a graduate of the work, you will be a part of the growing global “Zouddha” community!  There’s pure gold in this group, and it’s where you can tap into the international community and interact with all our other Zouddha students. 
  • The ZARYA Meditation – This is the creme de la crème flagship proprietary meditation of Zouddha.


  • BONUS: The complete "ZOUDDHA Framework" Video Training Course - this course teaches you each dimension of Zouddha along with FAQs through a series of Videos with Nirmann.
  • BONUS: “Zouddha Diagnostic Tool” - this is to help you do a self-assessment of your life to create your spider web chart and trace your current life Z-Index. More importantly, this tool will help you identify the most pressing/ immediate need or burning desire to focus on for the 21-day workshop.
  • BONUS: “Purge Ceremony” - If you’re hurting and there are some deep personal emotional wounds that you have been holding onto the inside, then it is time to let go of them and this Live Fire Ceremony will help you purge them. What is neat is that you can use this ritual to “dust off your mirror” as and when you need to in your future life.
  • BONUS: Even after the 21-day workshop is over, you are supported through monthly Zoom Live sessions with Nirmann.  It's new content every time and you can also get any of your questions answered.
  • BONUS: Two free tickets to my “Zouddha Live 2021 Event" (Place TBD).  This is a four day, Live, in-person magical event led personally by Nirmann and his team of coaches. There are no words to express just how powerful it is to be in the room with other Zouddhas, Nirmann, and all the coaches… its all about the celebration of life and you get to learn so much new stuff that you can apply immediately and experience new transformational breakthroughs.  


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