Zouddha Reiki Healing

“We are all interconnected.  Everything - trees, birds, clouds, rivers, ocean, humans, animals, fishes etc. etc.  We are made up of the same source energy. This same energy that vibrates in everything else we see around us, is the energy we are made up of. Reiki channels this energy through the healer and onto the one being healed.  The role of a healer is immense, but not personal.  The healer through the science of Reiki become a channel and a connector between the source energy and the receiver.  And what is amazing is that the energy does not need to be told or directed where to go; it travels to the very area that needs to be healed.” - Nirmann

Suresh is a Reiki Master, a Reiki teacher, and practitioner of the traditional Usui Reiki lineage.  He offers healing sessions through Zoom or Skype.

Fees:  $45 / 30 min. -  English  -  Via ZOOM or Skype

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Reiki healing is a gentle, non-invasive complimentary energy healing method that promotes overall health on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Reiki healing sessions are a beneficial addition to any health and wellness plan as there are no adverse effects medically or psychologically. Reiki is believed to decrease stress which promotes greater sense of ease and balance – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Having spent over three decades of working in the Steel industry as a specialist in Project and Operation Management, Suresh enjoyed what he did. However, as the years went by, gradually the eagerness died down, and he started to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and healing. He developed a great interest in the various modalities of holistic healings especially Reiki as a complimentary therapy of healing to traditional mainstream medicines. Having developed a keen interest to learn about Reiki, he acquired the Masters certification in Reiki healing. He began to use Reiki to bring down his own stress, and heal himself, his family members, and friends.  Over the years, he learnt that Reiki could be used for anything and everything without any contra-indications and being safe in all aspects.  As his experience grew, he realized the amazing benefits of Reiki to heal not just the body and mind but also people’s relationships. Today, he considers it as his mission to spread the knowledge about Reiki. 

In Suresh’s words, Reiki is such a beautiful medicine that can truly transform the relationships with our body, mind and soul as well as the connections that we have with the people around. I am passionate about making sure that everyone and everybody can experience moments of healing in joyful and intuitive ways.

Suresh offers Online Individualized & distant Reiki healing sessions where he may also include Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing as needed to bring in complete healing.  He is a Professional member of International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

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